Graduate School Admission Preparation

Graduate School Admission Preparation

Research proposal instructions

First 3 months : Gain information on preparing for graduate schools and Drafting a research proposal
Second 3 months : Completing the research proposal and Preparing for presentations for professors

1. On graduate admissions
2. Finding the field of research and learning to think critically → Drafting a research proposal
3. Interim presentations and feedback
4. Completing the research proposal
5. Final presentation and feedback

★ Anecdotes from alumnus who progressed to graduate schools

Training to read journals critically

Students will learn to research and read previous literature, as well as to organize them in the 3 months of writing their research proposal.
1. On previous literature
2. Searching through data at the National Parliament Library
3. Reading previous literature
4. Drafting a research proposal
5. Presentation
a) How to reference data
b) Using appropriate expressiona and literary style

Preparing for verbal/oral examination

Students present their research proposal, according to the classes listed above, and are examined orally in a formative verbal exam.

Training to read journals critically
Completing the research proposal
Research proposal instructions