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The best Curriculum on Japanese

Designing Japanese Study

Discover the various programs first developed at Tokyo Galaxy Japanese School. Tokyo Galaxy. Our current curriculum was completed through the extensive and annual development of our original teaching materials and curriculum.
Opportunities to study Japanese in a systematic and balanced manner through our objective-driven Japanese education and various extracurricular activities.

Design your Study

Optional Subject Curriculum

Every student has different needs and areas of improvement in studying Japanese. Hence, studies should be tailored toward every individual in order to overcome these barriers, especially in higher levels of Japanese fluency (i.e. beyond upper level of intermediate Japanese). Choosing one out of the 100 themes we offer, you can study effectively and improve your weaknesses.

The best preparatory class

Top Level Japanese Preparatory Program

Solely based on our curriculum, you can be fully prepared for successful undergraduate admissions. Based on a sufficient “preview-review” method, our classes are designed to deliver compound learning, enabling the students to maximize their admissions possibilities. These include interview preparation, dissertation preparation, high-yield EJU strategies, English classes in the Special Admissions class. We aim to provide you with professional instructions for your admissions to Japan’s best universities such as The University of Tokyo, Hitotsubashi University, Waseda University, Keio University, and other professional graduate schools.

Top Business Japanese Program

Top Level Business Japanese Program

You will need business Japanese in order to work in a Japanese company, have business transactions, develop partnerships, etc in Japan. A well-versed, multi-dimensional education in matters such as appropriate business etiquettes, managing intra-company duties, giving presentations are needed; an “awareness” of business Japanese is not sufficient.

Various Special Japanese Program