Company-Training Course

Customized Training Program

Customized Training Program

As a course founded in 1986, we provide Japanese educational solutions needed for corporations, tailored to current corporate staff and executives, civil servants, and teachers through various classes as well as sessions on study techniques.

Eligibility for Company-training

  • Current staff and executives of companies
  • Resident reporters in Japan
  • Current civil servants in the national administration
  • Current instructors in the educational institution


Elite educational environment and outstanding educational performance, liased with Japanese and foreign companies

Tailored educational environment for developing regional experts

Independent selection of courses from a vast range of programs

Training in Japanese business etiquette, necessary for having business transactions with Japanese companies

Practical education in learning the Japanese economy and culture

Outstanding educational performance
Elite educational environment
Company-Training Class

Contacts for Customized Program

Due to the differences in learning objectives and curriculum for individuals and companies, please use the form provided below to contact us, and our administration will get back to you shortly.