Academic Japanese Class

Academic Japanese Class

Advanced Core Classes to fit purposes


Student expected to enter either University or Graduate School in April of the year. Student must have Japanese fluency at or equivalent to JLPT N1 level.

Special Features

Obtaining high scores in the EJU alone does not guarantee a successful academic life in Japanese universities as an international student. You must be proficient in Japanese language at a level equal to that of a native speaker. Let us help you become more familiar with Japanese academic skills, terminologies and usages, so that you may start your university life with confidence.

The purpose of Academic Japanese Class

  • Improving reading skills
  • Improving writing skills
  • Improving speech skills
  • Improving vocabulary, expressions, kanji
  • Improving listening skills
If you study in Tokyo Galaxy Japanese Language School,
The contents of Academic Japanese Class

  • Reading without teachers’ help, Critical reading, Speed-reading
  • Writing academic reports, term papers, and resumes, Writing correspondence, e-mail, and others, to your professors
  • Oral communication skills for academic presentations and discussions, Effective communication with professors and other students
  • Increasing vocabulary and expressions necessary for writing academic contents
  • Drills in order to increase listening comprehension skills for better understanding lectures, explanations, and other student’s presentations
Advanced Core Classes to fit Academic Japanese
Advanced Core Classes to fit Academic Japanese
Advanced Core Classes to fit Academic Japanese