Short-term Japanese Education

Short-Term Course

Short-term Japanese Education

This course aims to improve your total language skills in a short period, or for a person who holds an eligible visa other than student visa. This is a perfect systematic course to study speaking, listening, writing and reading skills with good balance. Entrance timings are 4 times a year, either January, April, July or October.

Using the short-term course

Appropriate for those who:

  • Wish to learn Japanese for less than 3 months
  • Have working-holiday visas and wish to study Japanese short-term
  • Are staying in Japan through the Japanese family visa
  • Are based in Japan for corporate and/or resident workers
  • Are in a Company Training program
  • Wish to learn Japanese for cultural exchange
  • Are part of the local experts’ training that requires Japanese education
  • Wish to learn Japanese, Japanese culture, and Japanese affairs
Short-term Japanese Education
Short-term Course
Short-term Japanese Education