Japanese Personal Tutoring

Private Course

Private Course

By tailoring to individual needs, tutoring is an effective way to study. Tutoring can be individual based, with partners or families, at companies or schools. You can also tailor the schedule as well as the curriculum. This is a popular scheme for employees of companies and their families. Nowadays, the number of students enrolling in the school’s regular courses is increasing. Also, group teachings, organised per company, are available as well. Please contact us, as we can design your tutoring in various ways.

Features of personal tutoring

You can choose an appropriate time and place that suit your needs (Monday to Friday, 8.00 am to 8.00 pm)

Lessons can be scheduled flexibly, from once a week for an hour session to daily sessions

Although sessions are taught based on our textbooks, we can also offer dialogue-based special sessions

You are able to choose the topics of your lessons, as well as the pace of the lessons

learning to read business newpapers and understanding them fully

Cancellations of sessions are possible before 6.00pm on the day prior to the tutoring, without incurring an exra fee

If the sessions take place within Tokyo’s 23 districts, the school will manage the transportation fees of the tutors

Tuition Sample

Registration fee Tuition Textbook fee

10,000 yen
※On your registration only

1 hour(60 mins)lesson : 6,800 yen/1hour
1 hour and 30 minutes(90 mins)lesson: 6,400 yen/1hour
2 hours(120 mins)lesson: 5,900 yen/1hour

※unit price per hour

Actual expense