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An educational institution that meets the diverse needs of students

Galaxy Educational Foundation

Tokyo Galaxy Japanese Language School has been established under the Japanese School Educational Act (Legislation No. 26) Article 83 (2) and has been selected by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, aiming towards a school that is staffed by diligent and trustworthy educators for the students’ educational rights and their right to learn.

Meeting the particular needs of students on curriculum diversity and the variety of extracurricular activities, Tokyo Galaxy Japanese School further supports students on the following: Japanese university admissions, Graduate admissions, Professional School admissions, Japanese company employment, Employee relocation, Regional expert, Japanese communication, Japan and cultural related affairs.

  • Principal Message

  • Safe and friendly environment and the center of Japan’s economy and culture

    Education Environment

    Also where the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology is located, Chuo-ku is recognized as a cultural and economic hub for its safe and excellent education infrastructure. Our excellent curriculum and learning environment will reflect on your academic excellence

    Tokyo Galaxy is an educational institution that has developed a variety of programs

    Excellent Japanese Curriculum

    Based on our excellent curriculum and the high quality teaching, Tokyo Galaxy Japanese School is Japan’s first institution to offer a wide range of training courses:
    Optional Subjects Curriculum, Special Preparatory class, Business Japanese class, Accelerated Intensive training, Culture and academic class

    Bringing diversity to studies through the selection of designing study modules

    Design your Japanese study

    The implementation of designing study in 1998 has enabled students to select modules that meet their own goals and interests.

    Our classes will help you prepare for Japanese university admissions

    Tokyo Galaxy Preparatory Class

    Officially authorized by Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, our classes will help those students who wish to apply to public or prestigious private universities. Focused on achieving high EJU results, our curriculum will prepare students for interviews, dissertations, and the English language tests, and allow them to study General and Science categorical subjects.

    Become a corporate or regional expert in the Japanese market

    Business Japanese Class

    For those who wish to seek employment in Japan or engage in corporate training, we offer Japan’s first classes via which students can learn and gain experience in business related matters such as:
    – Communicating fluently
    – Drafting business documents
    – Understanding in business etiquiette
    – Organizing projects
    – Attending lectures by guest speakers
    – Exploring career opportunities
    – Drafting curriculum vitae

    Supportive and approachable staff

    Student aid

    Tokyo Galaxy offers students with college counselors, homeroom teachers, and staff that provide instructions regarding college counseling and career counseling, as well as lifestyle advice. Our aim is to create an infrastructure to help students live abroad.