College Counseling

College Counseling

Counseling for college

All students who wish to continue their education in Japan will receive personal support from a college counselor for a year. The counselor will instruct you from selecting school of choice to preparing for interviews.

Special Recommendation System

School endorsements by the recommendation of the head of school.
We have a policy for “recommending select schools,” personally endorsed by the head of school. In cases of applying to universities and professional schools via the recommendation of the Head of school, you will be eligible for various benefits – exemption of examination and/or tuition fees.

Japan Electrics College, Toho Gakuen Technical College, ICS College of Arts Japan Technical Institute College, Ecole de Patisserie de Tokio, Nihon Kogakuin College, Hollywood University of Beauty & Fashion, Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry, Senshu University, Toyo University, Keisen Woman’s College, Lakeland College Japan Campus, Musashino University, Ashikaga Institute of Technology, Yamano College of Aesthetics, etc.

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counseling for Japan Graduate School
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