Graduates Interview: passing the entrance exam of the Culinary Institute of Hattori Nutrition College

Mr. Kim, who has been studying Japanese steadily from the basics since entering Tokyo Galaxy in January 2021, has passed the entrance exam of the Culinary Institute of Hattori Nutrition College. We asked him about his life studying abroad and how he has succeeded to pass the entrance exam.

Congratulations on your success with the entrance exam. Please tell us how you are feeling now.
I’m so glad to be able to go on to the school of dreams; I have been longing to become a student there since before coming to Japan.

Is there anyone at Tokyo Galaxy to whom you wish to express your gratitude?
I would like to thank all of my teachers who supported me to improve my Japanese skills. In particular, I want to express my thanks to Ms. Ibuka, my entrance exam trainer, and Ms. Hashizume who works at the school office. They have always supported me to get adjusted to life in Japan.

What was the key to your success?
I really learned a lot of things at Tokyo Galaxy. I think that if you follow the guidance of your teachers properly, everyone will be able to enter the school of their choice.

Graduates Interview: passing the entrance exam of the Culinary Institute of Hattori Nutrition College

Your Japanese has improved significantly compared to when you just entered Tokyo Galaxy; how have you been studying it so far?
I’m not the kind of person who stays glued to his desk to focus on studying. Instead, I went out with my Japanese friends, and tried to spend time like locals. I made effort to create an effective environment in which my Japanese would get better; that was all I was thinking about.

Which class at Tokyo Galaxy do you remember the most?
It’s the Accelerated Learning Class. We learned a lot at the classroom and also had lots of homework compared to the other classes. However, I was able to realize my Japanese getting better every day, so I was very happy when I was studying there.

What made you to decide to enter Tokyo Galaxy?
I heard from my friend living in Tokyo that there are many excellent students in Tokyo Galaxy Japanese language school. I thought that if I could get into such environment, I might be able to study more. In fact, I’m quite stimulated by my classmates because they are so diligent and studying earnestly.

What kind of school do you think is Tokyo Galaxy?
The school has structured systems, and there are kind teachers and endeavoring students.

Graduates Interview: passing the entrance exam of the Culinary Institute of Hattori Nutrition CollegePlease give some advice to people planning to study in Japan and go on to a Japanese vocational school.
I respect your efforts to pursue something that you love. You know, our modern society is materially rich, but people seem to be losing the meaning of life. I believe that your life will be a happy one if you can be passionate about your job, even if you don’t earn a lot of money. Let’s do our best.

Your life in Japan was influenced a great deal by the COVID-19 pandemic; how have you dealt with the unexpected situation?
There is an expression that says “crisis is an opportunity.” We are not being able to have new encounters because of the pandemic, but that means we can deepen our relationship with existing friends. If became difficult to go out and enjoy ourselves, but now we have plenty of time to study at home. I believe that whatever the situation may be, you can turn it into a positive opportunity and if you can do so, you will achieve a good outcome.

What are your objectives in studying at Hattori Nutrition College?
I think that the most important thing in life is your health. I want to help to create a healthy society by studying about nutrition, foodstuff and cooking methods.

Mr. Kim entered Tokyo Galaxy in order to study cooking in Japan. After studying for about a year, he has acquired Japanese skills and succeeded to enter the school of his choice. We are really proud of him, and we hope that he will have a lot of learning opportunities at Hattori Nutrition College. We are looking forward to see him become an excellent one-of-a-kind chef. Thank you for the interview.

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