Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry

Study design in Japan: Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry

Course Introduction of Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry such as jewelry, shoes, bag, watch, etc
For people who wish to study design in Japan, we introduce Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry, the top design school in Japan. Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry, first established in 1966, is the first technical college in Japan approved as educational corporation in the field of Jewelry. It is not easy to find school in Japan or other countries where specializes in the field of jewelry, shoes, bags and watches, so Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry is gaining recognition globally for its specialty.
90% of international students who graduated Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry get employed in Japan. This fact makes Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry more attractive. Technics learned through studying in Japan and experience built in Japanese company will become the foundation when launching your own brand in future. Let’s look at the department, course and topics of study.

Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry

Jewelry Department

Select Topics

Order Design
Students acquire marketing know-how and development skills for proposing designs based on their accurate understandings of customer needs.

Store Planning
Students learn about product concepts and sales, brand logos, packaging and display

Material Study
Students will learn how to expand the possibilities of creating jewelry from accessories spelling their unique concepts and stories contained in the material.

Products Production
Students will have opportunities to present their work by establishing an original brand, organizing a presentation inviting professional buyers, shop owners, making brochure, displaying products and greeting guests.

Various Setting Techniques
Students will learn specialized techniques required for expressing the jewelry that they want to create.

Students will make items other than jewelry using wide range of techniques such as metal or glass processing techniques. Students will have confrontation ability in all form of material and concept.

Colour glazing
Students will draw a miniature (enamel miniature) on glaze material that’s used in high-end jewelry

Students will select material to use from shale, coral and jet (dendrolite), and learn carving technique. Students will make cameo or small sculpture.


Jewelry Production Course (2 Years Course)
This program helps students to cultivate business sense such as technique, product quality, volume production, marketing know-how and more.

Jewelry Creator Course (3 Years Course)
Students will learn specialized techniques required for expressing the jewelry that they want to create such as metal working and stone setting that cannot be learnt in 2 years course. Students will also have chance to collaborate with companies.

Advanced Jewelry Course(4 years Course)
Students will learn the ultimate techniques possible to learn as a student over a period of four years, such as filigree and granulation, which are also known as rare techniques, carving techniques such as cameo and engraving, advanced cloisonné and inlaying techniques for displaying the jewelry in a flamboyant manner. Those who have completed the course will be awarded the title of “Advanced Diploma” that is equivalent to Bachelor Degree.

Shoemaker Department

Select Topics
Students will focus on design and production of various shoes such as traditional shoes, man shoes and more while deepening historic and background knowledge about shoes.

Fashion Shoes
Students will learn about trend research, building brand image and coordination, and study shoe design.

Sneaker Technology
Students will aim to become a shoemaker with wide horizons without restricting themselves to these frontiers by trying different shoe design based on structure and system of various products

By learning the know-how of last creation based on footprint measurement, students will take up a challenge of creating full order made shoes using the last that exactly matches own feet.


Shoemaker Course(2 years course)
Students will acquire the fundamental knowledge required for shoe creation such as materials (material science), foot (foot anatomy), last (wood pattern) and marketing.

Shoemaker Master Course(3 years course)
In addition to Shoemaker Course (2years), students will learn more advanced shoemaking technologies in the third year, and you will present your own view of the world on-campus and off-campus through an expression medium called “Shoes”. It is full of practical classes where student will pursue individual creation, such as operating CAD that will widen chances of playing important role in the field, company collaborations and branding programs.

Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry

Bagmaker Department

Select Topics

Student will learn the technique to beautifully and accurately draw the bag from its shape or structure of detailed sub parts.

Design Diagram
Students will create an accurate design diagram while correcting the drawing for problems when creating a paper pattern or stitching.

Hand-made Bag Making
Features of hand-made are durability and beauty of stitching. Students will learn to uniform front and back sewing without flaying around edges even if bobbin thread runs out.


Bagmaker Course(2 years course)
Students will focus on design and production techniques of various bags. Second year students will undertake the assignment of collaborating with popular brands for product development.

Watchmaker Department

Select Topics

Alignment of tools
Students will learn basic of watch repair from adjusting the tools to sharpening the edge of driver or tweezers. This is also applicable when making original tools or components.

Overhaul skill for various types of watches
Students will learn general technique and knowledge of watchmaker, such as overhaul skill of movement

Global Internship Program
Selected students with good grades will have 2 weeks training in Swiss Training Center of two companies Patek Phllpe, Richmonte where possess the world’s most prestigious watch brands.

Training opportunity in Japan’s major watch companies
Students will have chance to do a field trip and internship in Japan’s major watch companies ‘Seiko’ and ‘Citizen’


Watchmaker Course(2 years course)
Watchmaker Course is to study general technique and knowledge of watchmaker, such as overhaul skill of movement watch, watch theory, metalwork, quartz watch, antique watch repairing, and business manner, product knowledge.

Watchmaker Master Course(3 years course)
In addition to Watchmaker Course(2 years course), this course will cover the curriculum of studying overhaul skills for complicated chronograph watches.

Since Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry teaches high-level technique and gives job placement guidance, the school prefers international students who are fluent in Japanese.
There is no problem learning technique after getting into Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry, but students must have high level of Japanese language before an admission.
Students of Tokyo Galaxy Japanese Language School can get an admission to Hiko Mizuno Jewelry College through special recommendation system. Students must meet the requirements such as fulfilling 1 year of attendance at school, recording more than 90% of attendance rate and more. Improve your Japanese skill from Tokyo Galaxy Japanese Language School and participate in one-day class of Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry to plan your future.
Refer to the fact that Tokyo Galaxy’s Business Japanese Class is very helpful for job search activity in future.
Consider studying in Tokyo Mizuno College of Jewelry if you want to be a jewelry, Shoes, bag, or watch designer.